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100% Bonus Depreciation
Ends December 31, 2022

Bonus Depreciation and Its Effect on Taxes

If you own a business, you’re probably familiar with the fundamentals of depreciation. The government permits you to deduct a portion of the cost of an asset you buy or build from…

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Bonus Depreciation and its Effect on Taxes


Cost Segregation studies are a valuable tool that can provide business owners tax benefits allowing for improved cash flow and enhanced return on investment. Bonus Depreciation is one aspect of cost segregation…

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When is the right time to do cost segregation study?

Cost-segregation-study - O'Connor

Cost segregation is a strategic tax planning tool that, by depreciating certain components of a property at an accelerated rate, has the potential to shelter taxable income. Commercial real estate owners and…

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How commercial property owners can use bonus depreciation to reduce income taxes

bonus depreciation equals large tax savings for commercial property owners

Commercial property owners may use bonus depreciation to significantly reduce income taxes. Cost Segregation is not a new concept, but provisions contained within the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 have…

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Cost Segregation Increases Cash Flow

cost segregation increases cash flow

Cost Segregation Increases Cash Flow for Commercial Property Owners Cost Segregation Studies (CSS) have become more common because this Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-approved process reduces income tax and increases cash flow. Intelligently…

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Alternative Minimum Tax Consequences Are Not a Result of Cost Segregation

alternative minimum tax consequences

Alternative Minimum Tax consequences are not a result of cost segregation. Nor is cost segregation accelerated depreciation. Decisions regarding cost segregation and accelerated depreciation are independent by the four options as illustrated in…

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Interior Non-load-bearing Walls and Cost Segregation

interior non load bearing walls

As much as 95% of interior partitions and non-load-bearing walls are misclassified as short-life property. The IRS has guidelines as to when these assets may be considered personal property. Has your cost…

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Cost Segregation and REITs… Explained. Improve financial results. Attract targeted investors.


REITs can benefit significantly from cost segregation studies. Cost segregation minimizes ordinary income to maximize return of capital and/or capital gain related distributions. It also creates flexibility to achieve various dividend objectives….

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Top Way to Reduce Income Taxes for Commercial Property Owners

Cost Segregation Analysis

Almost everyone understands that depreciation helps increase cash flow by reducing reportable income.  What if there was a way to “turbocharge” your depreciation and dramatically enhance your bottom line??? Active real estate…

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Office Building Cost Segregation Finds Hidden Cash For Owners

cost segregation property type office buildings

Commercial investors are searching for ways to improve cash flow. One technique is office building cost segregation. How does cost segregation work? Commercial real property (not including the land) is depreciated over…

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