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Ends December 31, 2022

Cost Segregation CPA Partnerships

Cost Segregation CPA Our cost segregation advisors and appraisers interact with you, the CPA, accountant or tax advisor, throughout the cost segregation process. By partnering with the accounting profession, we supply cost segregation expertise and the preferred “arm’s length” relationship of a third party provider.

We are not accountants; rather we seek to enhance the relationship between you and your client by providing a detailed, defendable cost segregation study.

Cost Segregation CPA

As cost segregation experts, we understand the intricacies of various special concerns including Bonus Depreciation, Leasehold Improvements, Abandonment, REITS, and 1031 Exchanges as well as standard partnerships.

We know what the IRS requires, and how to prepare a study that attains maximum benefit for your client while also maintaining defensibility in the unlikely event of an IRS audit.

Cost Segregation Experts do not replace the critical role of the CPA, instead we work to enhance it

Cost Segregation CPA Resource

One often overlooked opportunity is in performing a cost segregation study on an asset that has been owned for several years. The tax law allows you to “catch-up” previously under-reported depreciation with a cost segregation study and without filing any amended tax returns! The required Form 3115, and the additional 481(a) adjustments can be time consuming for those who have not handled them often. We can offer assistance with those through our local CPA affiliates, whose firm completes hundreds of Form 3115 filings annually.

Let us partner with you as a value-added service to your clients! Contact us today to discuss how we can best provide cost segregation study services for your clients.