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Cost Segregation — Isn’t my CPA already doing this?

cost segregation cpa

By Patrick O’Connor, MAI Commercial property owners typically use tax preparation specialists such as tax lawyers, CPAs and accountants. They reasonably assume these experts will maximize their tax deductions to minimize federal…

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Cost Segregation: Why Are 90% of Real Estate Investors Overpaying Federal Income Taxes?

depreciation schedules

By Patrick O’Connor, MAI By ignoring generous IRS guidelines when establishing depreciation schedules, over 90% of real estate investors are unintentionally overpaying federal income taxes. In addition, they are paying federal income…

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Cost Segregation Analysis: Depreciate Property Correctly & Pay Less Federal Tax

depreciate property improvements

Most commercial real estate owners are paying excess federal income taxes because they are not depreciating their property as quickly as they should. A cost segregation analysis allows property owners to both…

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