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100% Bonus Depreciation
Ends December 31, 2022

Cost Segregation Services Tax Reduction Advisors

Tips to Cut Income Taxes by integrating cost segregation to your investment plan

This IRS defined approach correctly identifies short-life component costs for depreciation. Taxes can be cut dramatically and immediately.

  1. Consider your complete investment portfolio. Cost segregation works for any type property placed in service after 1986. Recoup previously under-reported depreciation without filing amended tax returns.
  2. Obtain a FREE preliminary estimate of savings on your property. Ask for it before engaging any cost segregation consultant. Click here to request your free no-obligation savings estimate now or contact Mike Olivares at 1-877-375-4291.
  3. Involve your CPA. Involving your tax advisor with cost segregation experts can optimize the study’s results. O’Connor’s reports are valuable backup for CPAs’ tax filings and are IRS field audit tested.
  4. Engage real estate expertise to visit and analyze property. Our appraisal experts know exactly what needs to be quantified and qualified in accordance with the IRS Audit Techniques Guide. Because we do not “over-engineer” the staffing or production process, our fees are modest.

Application Breadth of Cost Segregation

  • Realize catch-up depreciation, even after a property is sold
  • Optimize capital gains recapture
  • Effectively write-off tenant improvements
  • Correctly value assets before and after renovation
  • Apply sizable tax savings across a portfolio of properties over several years

Multi-year payback ratios over 5 years are as much as 20:1 to 100:1 savings over the modest cost of our report.