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Bonus Depreciation Calculator

Use our Bonus Depreciation Calculator to Determine Your First Year Federal Income Tax Savings

 Calculate using Bonus Depreciation to calculate potential savings.
For qualified properties acquired and placed into service after September 27, 2017

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Why is Cost Segregation Important for Commercial Property Owners?

Imagine filing your personal federal income taxes without taking your allowable deductions. You wouldn’t do that, would you? Well, Cost Segregation is the IRS-approved tool which allows commercial property the option to correctly classify real property and personal property depreciation. The results can be significant, with savings in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 5-year period. Federal income taxes and State taxes are both reduced, deferred, and turned into cash flow.

Does Cost Segregation make Property Owners Vulnerable for Audits?

The quick answer is NO. Using the IRS-approved tool to take advantage of income and state tax reductions does not make you any more vulnerable than taking your allowable deductions for your personal federal income taxes.

Does Your Commercial Property Qualify for Cost Segregation?

You qualify if your commercial property was built or acquired after 1986, it has a value of $500K+, and you’re paying federal income taxes. You may also qualify if you are renovating or expanding your investment property.

If you purchased your property after September 27, 2017, select the box to calculate using Bonus Depreciation. Items that were typically expensed in years 5, 7, and 15 can now be expensed all in year 1 with the 100% Bonus Depreciation for a limited time.

The Bottom Line

Commercial property owners are losing TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars a year because they’re not exercising their right to claim their savings. The biggest reason is that both property owners and their CPA’s are not familiar with the option, and those that are don’t fully understand how it works nor the process for submitting for their savings.

What’s The Catch?

There really is no catch, other than partnering with an expert who understand the tax laws, depreciation, and IRS requirements in both preparing your cost segregation study and submitting it. If you don’t do so, the IRS may respond by asking you to defend the content of your cost segregation study.
The O’Connor Team are the experts in cost segregation.

Consider this:

In over 10,000 studies nationwide by the O’Connor Team, there were only 13 occasions when the IRS responded with questions regarding a study. In ALL 13 occasions, the O’Connor Team replied to the requests with 100% success in IRS acceptance and satisfaction, and without one word of a change in content, reductions were awarded to each client.